How to upgrade the client to v3.1.5

If upgrading from versions 3.1.0 or later, use auto-update fom client Help menu, the process is automated. Otherwise download and install the client on top of your current installation.

How to upgrade the server to v3.1.5

If upgrading from 3.1.0 or later, go to admin/status page, check for software updates and follow the instructions. Otherwise, for the manual update follow the steps below:

  • Stop logFaces server if running
  • If using archived distribution, unzip it over the current installation, your configuration settings will be safe.
  • If using installer, let it handle the update. Don't register as service if you use the service wrapper.
  • Start logFaces server

Special note for MongoDB users - this update supports TTL collections released with MongoDB 2.2. If you want to utlize this feature and preserve the existing data this script needs to be used to convert the time column to enable TTL indexing. Run MongoDB shell like this: mongo convert-ttl.js. The script presumes that you will run it on the machine where MongoDB is located. Note that large data storage will take some time to convert because script iterates through each entry in the collection. If you don't want to do the conversion, you can just re-create database fresh.