How to upgrade the client to v3.2.1

Download and install the client on top of your current installation.

How to upgrade the server to v3.2.1

If upgrading from later than 3.1.2, go to admin/status page and check for updates, the process is automated.

Otherwise follow these steps:

  • Stop logFaces server if running
  • If using archived distribution, unzip it over the current installation - your configuration settings will be safe. Verify that there is only single latest MongoDB driver in /lib/dbdrivers folder.
  • If using installer, let it handle the update. Don't register as service if you use the service wrapper.
  • Start logFaces server

MongoDB users - Sometimes during updates you may end up with more than one MongoDB driver in /lib/dbdrivers folder. This may happen if you manually place the driver there. To prevent surprises, make sure that there is only single dirver jar in this location.