Upgrading clients to v4.2.2

If you have internet access, go to client "Help" menu, select "Check for version updates" and follow the instructions. In case the update is not detected, open File/Preferences/Install/Update and select radio button to include "compatible minor increments". Otherwise download and install the client on top of your current installation.

Upgrading servers to v4.2.2

To be on the safe side, keep a copy of current logFaces server installation directory before you proceed with updates.

If you have internet access, go to admin/status page and check for updates, the process is automated and takes only a few moments.

Otherwise follow these steps:

  • Stop logFaces server if running
  • If using installer, let it handle the update. Don't register as service on Windows, go to step 4
  • If using archived distribution, remove /lib and /admin directories from existing installation and unzip the archive over current installation directory. Configuration files will be safe.
  • Start logFaces server