Upgrading clients to v5.0.1

Clients v5 are fully compatible with servers of older versions.

In client 'Help' menu choose Check for software updates. If our update site isn't reachable from your location, you can do it manually overriding current installation with the latest installer.

Upgrading servers to v5.0.1

Servers v5 are fully compatible with clients of older versions.

Make sure that server is currently running with JRE8+ before proceeding with this update. To be on the safe side, keep a copy of current logFaces server installation directory before you proceed with updates.

Online upgrade

If server has public internet access - use the admin. This process is automated and takes only a few moments. Make sure that after upgrade server version is 5.0.1.

Offline upgrade

If server doesn't have public internet access do the following:

  • Stop logFaces server if running
  • If using installer, let it handle the update. Don't register as service on Windows, go to step 4
  • If using archived distribution, remove /lib and /admin directories from existing installation and unzip the archive over current installation directory.
  • Start logFaces server