How to upgrade the client to v3

Since it's a major version increment, the automatic updates won't work. Download and install the client on top of your current installation. The client plug-in version should be 3.0.0, this can be verified in Help/About/Installation details.

Clients of v2 aren't compatible with server v3, so please make sure to update both sides. If you're absolutely must be able to access newer server from older clients or vice versa, please read on. The reason for the compatibility break is hessian protocol which we upgraded to the latest 4.0.7 to stay current. This library is responsible for the logFaces client-server communications. To be compatible, both client and server must use the same version of hessian.jar which is located on server under /lib folder and on client under /plugins/com.moonlit.logfaces.bundle. Once you place the same hessian.jar under both these folders, the compatibility will be restored. But we strongly recommend to upgrade both sides to v3 and stay current.

How to upgrade the server to v3

  • Stop logFaces server if it's running
  • If using archived distribution, unzip it over the current installation (your configuration settings will be safe)
  • If using installer, run it over the current installation (your configuration settings will be safe). Override existing files when prompted. Ignore service registration errors if shown, this could happen if service is already registered.
  • Start logFaces server (installers will do this automatically after update)

For MongoDB users

If you're installing fresh, please ignore this section. There are new configuration parameters which will not be installed during upgrade installation. To enable MongoDB you should add the following items to your configuration:

  • In /conf/ file add property com.moonlit.logfaces.config.mongodb=true
  • Copy this file to /conf directory and make sure to specify correct settings for your MongoDB installation. More details on the nature of these parameters can be found in user manual